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Anonymous said: “You gain the power by discarding your body, but it’s yours to keep after that”. That's the thing, how is it yours to keep if your future self is the one with the power? That's like saying if your future self won the lottery, that means your present self is rich even though it didn't happen yet. They have basically made it so anything that happens in the future can affect the past.

But your analogy is missing an important piece. In this case your future self after gaining money came back in time and in return for doing an errand for them they gave your a portion of their money making present you rich. But you then had to spend the money to fulfill that errand so in the end you’re back to no longer being rich having spent all your money. So it’s as if you never really received the money to begin with and so nothing in your life was changed. 

Anonymous said: How is it that a future version of Xehanort who has the ability to time travel is able to just magically give Young Xehanort this same ability despite YX keeping his body?

Well that’s the thing, they never actually say you can only time travel if you don’t have a body. We’re told (by YX) that in order to move through time you have to discard your body. Which sounds like the same thing, but given that YX had the power to, it sounds like we’re supposed to read it as “You gain the power by discarding your body, but it’s yours to keep after that”.

As for how Ansem gave it to YX? Well I’d assume it’s because they are the same person it worked out. 


You should keep in mind the whole reason this works is because Ansem is Xehanort and Ansem’s body qualifies as Xehanort’s body. Ansem discarded his body and gained the power to travel through time, and it’s not just him who gained it but all Xehanorts gained this ability because technically Ansem’s body still qualified as their body. So they all gained the capacity to time travel but only Ansem actually had the power to do so on his own, the others need to borrow Ansem’s power.

Or to put it more simply there was never any rule to “when” you had to give up your body just that you had to give it up. So Xehanort abused that loophole to move his multiple bodies across time.

Anonymous said: How would Ansem SoD have been able to time travel to the time before the MoM exam if his possessing of Riku's body would have prevented him from being able to time travel anymore?

He traveled to the past before possessing Riku.


Actually, I think anon’s asking about something I said before, about the whole “Do hosts count as a version of yourself for time travel thing”.

There’s a bit of a misconception that you can’t time travel unless you don’t have a body. That’s half true. You gain the power by discarding your flesh and bones, but as YX shows, you can time travel just fine with a body once you’ve learned the ability.

Anonymous said: Wait, all the other Heartless just spawned their own bodies, presumably out of the darkness. WHY didn't that happen with Ansem SoD? Why did he have to possess someone else's body?

It did, we don’t see it because it’s covered by that robe, but it’s not the same level as a human body.


Truth be told, there’s really no specific explanation for why Ansem lacked a physical form when every other Heartless we ever meet seems to be fully physical. He just did. I sometimes wonder if he was born with the standard Heartless equivalent of a physical form and whether that’s what Dream Drop Distance means when it says he shed his physical shell to gain the power to time travel.

Anonymous said: Off-KH-topic but what do you think of GTA V? And do you think the heavy sexism in it is justified because it's a satire game?

I don’t believe there’s a situation in the world where sexism is justified.

Grand Theft Auto is a really fun game. All of them are. I’ve honestly never run into a Grand Theft Auto that I couldn’t have fun playing. But the series is also really, really messed up, and we can’t ignore that fact. It’s a great example of the way that even something really fun still can be deeply problematic — and the way that even something deeply problematic can still be really fun.

Here’s something I believe:

Life is a pile of good things and bad things. Sometimes the bad things outweigh the good things, and sometimes the good things outweigh the bad things. But sometimes the good things and the bad things don’t do either one. Sometimes they simply coexist, side by side, neither negating the other. And for me, Grand Theft Auto is one of those times. It’s true that it’s fun, and it’s true that it’s disturbingly racist, sexist, violent, and more. Both are true. Both are valid. Both just…are.

That said, I actually reject the idea that Grand Theft Auto is a satire series. I wish it were. It would be better if it were. But the cornerstone of satire is criticism, and so much of what the Grand Theft Auto series does, it does completely sincerely. No criticism. No commentary. No wit. Just the genuine glorification of bloodshed and misogyny.

Anonymous said: Is riku xehanort?

Riku is Riku. Xehanort is Xehanort.

Occasionally, one steals the body or borrows the powers of the other, but the two are not the same.

Anonymous said: Do you ever feel like the plot of KH is really unbalanced? Sometimes I feel like certain events (like time travel) are super convoluted, yet at the same time, certain characters like Kairi never got the development they deserve.

Sure, but that’s common in any story, and it’s not always a bad thing. There’s always certain characters and themes who are bound to get more development than others, that’s just how it goes. KH is Sora’s story, so, naturally, we see a lot more of him than anyone else, even when he’s not in a leading role. More often than not, I’d say stories that try to juggle everything in equal shares tend to fail. 

That being said, you’re right anon, in the case of characters like Kairi, it is a problem. I know one of the big complaints about Days is that it wasn’t a game about the Organization (I don’t think it was ever advertised as such, to be honest), but rather, it was the story of RAX and the other Nobodies were extras. I don’t really see a problem with that. If you try to give every single member of the Organization screen time, it’s probably going to fail. A story with a focus, and a main, relatable character is better than a narrative that bounces back and forth between fourteen peope, most of whom either get killed off right away or don’t really contribute to the series’ overall plot.

And I just realized that example with Days didn’t really go well with the Kairi talk. >_>


See, I don’t believe in that kind of complacency, myself. Is a lack of balance common? Yes. Of course. But does that make it okay? No. It’s not okay that the developers consciously decide to spend half an hour explaining the ins and outs of a plot device while the characters wither by the wayside. That’s not acceptable.

It’s not a question of whether the story has focus or not. It’s a question of where the story is focused, a lot of the time, here in Kingdom Hearts, the story is focused in the wrong places. I think the original ask here is absolutely right: It’s a shame that things like time travel get so much devotion, so much exposure, so much detail, while basic elements of some of our main characters are constantly and continuously ignored.


Well like I said, it is bad in cases like Kairi v. Time Travel.

Anonymous said: Was YX able to time travel to the Land of Departure because of Terra hosting Xehanort's heart after this had happened?

Perhaps. Could be Ventus. Could be Aqua. Could’ve been another Xehanort lurking around there. It could be retconned so that he didn’t actually time travel to that specific point.

With how brief that scene is, and how messy time travel is, I don’t think we’ll ever know. I’m not expecting that scene to ever be explained in detail.

Anonymous said: What I don't get is why Ansem, SoD has his own body, not Riku's, his own, if he's just a Heartless.

He doesn’t. He just made Riku’s body take on a different form. We never see Ansem with his own body. The one in DDD is most definitely Ansem while he was possessing Riku.

Anonymous said: "In fact I think for the MF fight to be canon that has to be what happened unless we’re expected to believe Master Xehanort, Vanitas, or Braig were sitting pretty in the destroyed land of departure off screen while one of TAV was there". Sorry about this, but what does that have to do with Riku and Ansem SoD's fusion?

I believe the point my friend was trying to make is that YX shouldn’t have been able to time travel to that specific point in BBS (where he meets TVA), unless another Xehanort was there. So, the only way to make that scene work in context is if at some point, a Xehanort possessed one of TVA (which we already know he has) and his host counted as a “version of himself” that he could warp to. It’d be something similar to Ansem and Riku, theoretically Ansem should be able to warp to a point where Riku’s from.

Which is a perfectly logical explanation for the YX scene. Personally? I think this is one of those times where we have to consider the scene in question was a teaser for DDD, a game who’s story wasn’t fully fleshed out yet. Inconsistencies aren’t foreign to this series.

Also, if you could use someone else’s body as a warp point by possessing them, I don’t think YX and Braig would have stressed that Ansem had to be at the islands in order for the others to follow him. I mean, once Ansem had possessed Riku, assuming what my friend’s said is true, he could’ve easily time traveled to Riku’s position just in time for the exam.

Honestly, I chalk this up to the time travel being a very forced, poorly explained plot device. We just kind of have to deal with it.

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