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Anonymous said: Why in Blank Points Axel don't say Sora? And why Terra and Ventus did say it?

According to Nomura, it’s because the “hurt” that Axel has to be saved from is different than the hurt that Terra and Ventus are going through.

aheartoflight said: In DDD Sora goes back to visit the dream eaters but what exactly was that keyhole hey opened up? It looked like the keyhole to wake the sleeping worlds but The Mysterious Tower wasnt sleeping. (Sorry if this is a dumb question my memory is real foggy)

You’re right, it is the same thing. The point of the exam, asides from training the boys in the proper fashion, was to teach them to open the way to sleeping hearts. That includes Sleeping Worlds.

Anonymous said: Inside Terranort is Xehanort, Terra and Eraqus?

Xehanort and Terra. We can’t say for certain Eraqus is there, though that is a strong possibility.

Anonymous said: Mickey went to the Country of the Musketeers because he was working on a problem? Is in that world when he, for the first time, met Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Pete? If not, isn't he surprised to see his friends in that world?

It was definitely the first time he met Minnie. At least as far as we know.

On the other hand, it was definitely not the first time he met Pete. Timeless River takes place earlier in the series’ canon than Country of the Musketeers does, so Mickey should have already known Pete as his old boss, the owner of the steamboat. It’s definitely odd that neither he nor Pete ever actually refer to their past together, and, frankly, the issue of how Pete managed to get out of Timeless River, get over to the Country of the Musketeers, and start working in the court of Princess Minnie is something that’s never been explained.

Donald and Goofy… I’m not sure. I don’t think we’re ever told whether Mickey already knew them and brought them along to help or if he met them for the first time in that world.

shardoftruth said: I think you're misinterpreting the things Nomura said about the Dark Margin while tossing aside the strong visual evidence at the same time. The Dark Margin is a borderline between the RoD and the RB, the beach is already on the side of the RB (the tip of the undisclosed world) while the upper area is still part of the RoD. So it's perfectly possible that Aqua wandered there and met Ansem while Sora, Riku, Roxas and Xemnas visited the same site before (or after).

Nomura says, “Sora and Riku were on the coast in the in-between side,” directly implying that there’s another coast on the dark side. And since Aqua directly refers to the coast she reaches as “the Realm of Darkness,” I have no reason to believe that she’s not on that dark-side coast. I think it would be a mistake to ignore dialogue and focus solely on visuals when the visuals in this series (and, specifically, in that game) have already proven to be somewhat unreliable.

Remember Yen Sid’s tower? Supposedly, it looks different in Birth by Sleep than it did in Kingdom Hearts II, and that’s the canon explanation for why Donald and Goofy don’t recognize it when they see it in the later game. But — wouldn’t you know it — the tower actually uses the exact same design in both games. They reused the design for both of these entries in the series despite the logistical problems it caused because it was easier than coming up with a new one. There is no reason to think that the same thing didn’t happen here with the Dark Margin.

Anonymous said: Why Ansem, SoD recover his body form after possesing Riku? I know that his robed form it's only his heart, but what “ability” gave Riku to him to have a body again?

It’s not that Ansem recovered his own body after possessing Riku, it’s that Ansem just transformed Riku’s body to look like his own.

It’s similar to how Roxas was actually Sora’s body, but it took on the appearance of Ventus. Riku’s body simply took on the appearance of Ansem. But it was still actually Riku’s body.

Anonymous said: Why are there some treasure chests with keyholes on them and some not? Is it just for stylistic purposes, seeing as the Keyblade can open them regardless?

Probably, yeah.

In KH1, there were three types of treasure chests: the small green boxy ones, the red ones with the rounded lids, and the blue ones with rounded lids and big, glowing keyholes on them. And if there was any rhyme or reason to which type was placed where or what each type contained, I certainly never saw it. They all seemed to be everywhere, and they all seemed to contain everything.

I’ve heard it said that the ones with the keyholes can only be opened with the Keyblade, not with the wooden sword, but I’ve never tested that, myself, and that means the only part of the game where you’d actually be able to see the difference would be the earliest parts of Hollow Bastion, so truth be told, I kind of have to wonder why they would even bother making that distinction in the first place. Heck, I don’t even know if there are any keyhole chests in that bit.

Anonymous said: How come Sora's wooden sword can't hurt the Heartless but everyone else's weapons can?

There’s two explanations for this.

1) Sora wasn’t strong enough at that point. Makes sense. The only bit of combat experience he’s had his entire life was in swinging toy swords at other kids. By the time he gets to Hollow Bastion, you do see that he can damage enemies with the Wooden Sword, just not a lot.

2) It’s the game’s way of telling you. “Hey, so, you can’t fight these things. Try to find something else to progress the story”.

Anonymous said: Terra doesn't use boku as a personal pronoun he uses ore. All incarnations of Xehanort (except young Xehanort he uses ore) use Watashi.

Yeah, my friend got a little confused. I’ve gone back to edit that post for accuracy.

Anonymous said: How do we know that is Xehanort and not Terra the one that says: “That will teach you. Get out of my heart!”

It’s most clear in japanese where you have different pronounces to refer to yourself with and Terra uses ore while Xehanort uses watashi in the games. In that sentence in Japanese Terra-Xehanort uses watashi rather than ore. That doesn’t really translated well or at all into english, luckily it’s laid out equally clear in the BBS Trinity Reports.

The darkness emanating from this stranger could belong to only one man: Master Xehanort. Aqua challenged him, determined to win back Terra’s heart. Xehanort lost the fight and began to writhe; Terra’s heart was fighting back from the inside.

In a desperate move to rid himself of Terra once and for all, Xehanort turned his own Keyblade on himself, and began to sink into a pool of darkness that spilled forth.

Aqua dove into the darkness to pull her friend out, but soon realized only one of them would be able to return. She chose to sacrifice herself and sent Terra back to the realm of light. Down, down, down… Aqua’s last thoughts before vanishing from sight were of Ven, and who would care for him once she was gone.

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