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Anonymous said: Tgirl posted that the singer Kokia is listed in the credits of 2.5. Do you think she could possibly replace utada?

Anything is possible at this point.

If nothing else, she certainly has a nice voice.

Anonymous said: Usually voice work is done after the storyline has been finalized and done ahead of time so the game programmers have plenty of time to lip sync the character models. So I guess, voice acting recordings are about halfway during the production of a Kingdom Hearts game.

Typically, yeah, that’s how it goes. Of course we have to recognize that KH2.5 isn’t KH3. Even if we did get a voiced teaser for the upcoming game, it’s just that: a teaser. The full game is a whole different beast.

Anonymous said: Wait, so there is a secret ending in KH 2.5 and it's about KH 3?! Does this mean if there are voice actors they already have the VA ready for KH 3?

I don’t think it’s ever been specifically said that 2.5’s secret movie will be related to KH3. Even if it was, getting voicework done for this game doesn’t say anything about the progress of KH3. 

Anonymous said: Judging from the new Ultimania samples, do you think we will finally have confirmed ages for Lea/Axel and TVA, supposing they include character profiles for all the trios?

I certainly hope so, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Anonymous said: So if Xion is no. i in the replica program, does that mean there were other replicas of other people in the past? Do we know who?

Nope, there were not. Vexen produced two blank replica bodies, and he only deemed one worthy of what he called “number status.” That’s the one who became Xion. He dragged the other, more flawed one with him to Castle Oblivion, where it eventually became the Riku Replica.

Anonymous said: So there isn't a new secret movie in 2.5?

There is

Anonymous said: How do you feel about Corey Burton Dubbing over Christopher Lee's lines in 358/2 days. I realize this was necessary due to the new scenes a Christopher Lee not willing to leave the UK due to his health, but it seems like it's almost erasing history in a way. I mean it's sorta like Boba Fett being dubbed over in the Star Wars dvd's and blu-rays, though not to that extreme.

I’m pretty okay with it.

I mean, like you said, it was necessary. Christopher Lee is a very old man. Frankly, it’s astounding that he’s still working as much and as hard as he is. From a health perspective, it’s not in his best interest to come out and record new lines, and from a business perspective, it’s not in the developers’ best interest to rely on a man who physically just cannot make it. Bringing Burton on as an (apparently) full-time substitute is a very sad but absolutely understandable act of intelligence and compassion for both sides.

The Boba Fett thing was just George Lucas being a madman.

Anonymous said: What's your guess about what A and B are doing to E

Fun question lets review…

"A and B doing C and D to E person", and that described in one word, you could say the Secret Movie is a selection/"choosing"

3 people are involved
Two of them together are doing two things to another person
It’s a selection/choosing

I’m going to take a guess that the two people are DiZ and Namine. Here Namine assist DiZ into storing a version of himself and his research Data into Sora. Namine said she knew that DiZ had put something into him and data DiZ sort of comes out of no where in DDD. Not to mention the fact that we’re never told how DiZ managed to achieve such a thing to begin with. 
The selection or choosing part would be this is where DiZ selects/chooses Sora to be the one he will hide his research in. Perhaps in the scene Namine even tells DiZ about what she had found within him, the memories of the people lost, and that’s what spurned DiZ to do such a thing to begin with. 

It ties both into Coded and DDD creating a smoother transition without drastically spoiling anything big and comes off that final plot in Coded nicely. Meanwhile it shows us the setup for arguably one of the most important key plot points in KH3, the rescuing of the lost people.

That’s just my guess though.


I’m definitely out of the loop, what are we talking about here?


2.5’s brand-new secret ending. Someone got a leaked copy of the game (and has provided pics to prove it), but they don’t want to spoil the ending entirely, so all they’ve teased is that it involves “A and B doing C and D to E person” and that it has to do with “a choice or a selection.”

Now, personally, the “choice/selection” bit makes me think of the Bequeathing.

Two people giving one person the Bequeathing?

Yen Sid and Mickey giving Lea the Bequeathing? (Mickey summoning Star Seeker to give it back to Yen Sid so Yen Sid can do the honors?)

I mean, I have no idea why that would be in this collection, but it was the first thing to pop into my head.

Ooh! Or what if it’s Xehanort and Xigbar choosing to put Xehanort’s heart into Isa? That’s definitely a tie from this collection (BBS) to the next one (DDD).

Anonymous said: You think FM's new scenes will be voiced from the start or still only voiced in theater mode?

I’m really hoping they are voiced from the start. The game is already starting to leak so we should know very soon. I’d imagine however it is in the JP version will be how it is in ours.

Anonymous said: I think that YX brought Ursula to the Destiny Islands because: 1.He has the power to travel trough time. 2. Ursula says: “He was right”.

That certainly seems to be the case, but it opens up some logical problems.

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