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Anonymous said: Can you please post the timeline of chain of memories?

Anonymous said: I just want to say (regarding earlier) that though this is a Kingdom Hearts blog, as long as you don't stop posting Kingdom Hearts stuff entirely, I have nothing against non-KH posts. This blog is run by people, not machines. So of course you have opinions on things that aren't Kingdom Hearts and of course you're entitled to share them, whether you're asked to or not. That's your right and your freedom and I for one am grateful for it. Just wanted you to know that.

Thank you for that. :)

I think a key thing that people forget is that we don’t talk about other things unless prompted to. All the stuff about Super Smash Bros? We talked about it here because someone else brought it up, and that’s okay. We can have a healthy discussion about all kinds of things.

Anonymous said: When the games go back to previously visited worlds, how do you think they'll deal with the time that's passed? Like, Alice from wonderland isn't all that old in KH1, and would logically have grown up in the intervening years. For that matter, it's been ten years since Cinderella and Aurora were in BBS.

Well, each world flows at its own time. So 1 year on one world may only be a week or two for another world.

Granted, only about 2 years (at most) have passed since Alice appeared in KH1, so I doubt she’d have grown much at all regardless of the possibility of her own world’s time flowing at a slower pace.

And we saw Cinderella and Aurora in KH1, and they both looked almost exactly like they did in BbS. So they too probably won’t look any different in KH3 (asides from the graphical improvements, of course).

Anonymous said: I don't remember fighting an anti-Riku. What's that?

In “358/2 Days” you can replay all of the missions in the game. If you redo the mission where Roxas fights Riku at the end of the game, the game replaces Riku with a dark, shadowy version of himself called Anti-Riku.

Anonymous said: What reports wrote the real Ansem?

The very first Ansem report in KH1 and all the secret Ansem reports in KH2.

Anonymous said: Do you know who's the boss with more health in all the saga?

I think it’s the Japanese Days version of Anti-Riku in mission mode but don’t quote me on that.


I was inclined to say Lingering Will, who has the highest amount of health possible in Kingdom Hearts II, tipping the scales at 3400.


Actually, 3400 HP is the amount of health that the Replica Datas of Xemnas, Xaldin, Lexaeus, Saix, Axel, and Marluxia have.

So if 3400 is the peak, then I guess it’s a 7-way tie between them and Lingering Will.

EDIT: Though, if you add up the HP from all 4 of Xion’s forms in Days, the total comes to 5266. That’s the highest amount I’ve found so far.

Anonymous said: Do any of you happen to be bothered with the fact that nearly all of the main characters have blue eyes? How would you change them up? I think Terra would look lovely with gray eyes.

Honestly, yeah.
But I’ve more or less gotten used to the Nomuraisms of this series…

Dunno how I would change things, though.


Can’t say it bothers me, no. It’s a noticeable little quirk, but I don’t really have a problem with it. If I had to change them all up, though…hmm. I think I might reserve blue for Sora and Sora derivatives, the same way yellow is canonically reserved for Xehanort and Xehanort derivatives. So, Xion, say, would have blue eyes as a quiet hint to the fact that, while she looks like Kairi on the surface, she ultimately actually comes from Sora.

I don’t know. That’s kind of gimmicky. Still, it’s an idea.

Anonymous said: What was the moment you you first realized KH was going to be a special game for you?

The opening theme song of the first game, honestly.

After that, when I got to finally team up with Donald and Goofy and travel through the Disney worlds.


This one.


You know, in a lot of ways, the Awakening was a great opening. Visually, it was incredibly interesting. Emotionally, it was very chilling and mysterious and weird in all the right ways. The atmosphere was fantastic. The music was evocative. It really felt like it was setting up something huge and heartfelt and memorable, something you really wanted to be a part of even though you didn’t quite know what it was. But at the same time, while it was a mind-blowing mood-setter, it didn’t really tell you much about the game.

"What’s happening? Where does this game take place? Who even am I?"

But then the moment comes where Sora wakes up, and that moment, for me, was the moment everything came together.

"Oh, it’s about, like, friends and friendship. You’re just, like, this bunch of kids living on this gorgeous island, and you’re just…doing stuff together and hanging out and living life. Oh, it’s so colorful and cute. I love it. God, I want to live there. I mean, clearly, there’s something bigger happening with, like, monsters and whatever, but, oh, man, look at this. I love these characters. I love this world. I never want to leave!”

I mean…in all seriousness, when I first encountered the series, I was lonely, clinically depressed, and frequently suicidal. It was an incredibly valuable experience for me to be able to step out of my own life for a little while and step into such a beautiful, ideal, comforting world filled with such strong friendships. The second I saw Sora’s home and met his friends was the second I knew the game would be very precious to me.


Hrm…well when I first picked up KH1 I actually didn’t like it at all. Got all the way up to Jungle and Olympus, couldn’t beat the bosses in either of them, and set the game down for a year or so. But the keyblade that drew in me initially drew me back later, to give the game one more chance. This time I was a bit older, more experienced, and better at games so I was able to understand everything a bit better. It enchanted me a bit more at the start then it did before but I really didn’t feel anything till I hit Traverse Town.

Traverse Town held a special spark for me in my first and second playthrough but this time the spark was just so much more powerful. There is something incredibly enchanting about Traverse Town. The cozy music, the starry night sky, the ghostly feel, and the entertainingly colorful town. I would be lying if I ever said a world other than Traverse Town is my favorite world.

No matter what game it is Traverse Town is forever my favorite world and every time we kick off a new journey from there it’s just all kinds of magical and special.

Anonymous said: Dear KHIB mods: which character do you find the most attractive?

None. Being that I’m twenty-four years old and the cast is composed primarily of fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds…yeah, that ain’t happenin’.

Even back in the day, I don’t think I was ever particularly attracted to any of them. I just don’t get attached to characters that way, I suppose.


These games have Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in them. It’d go against my religion to not choose them.


None in particular. 

Anonymous said: I meant was Terra Xehanort faking it. Sorry for the typo.

No worries. I figured.

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