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Anonymous said: I guess you could explain it as just being something Yen Sid was wrong about, but his warning not to interfere in history implies pretty clearly that via the door you can change the past.

Yeah, I disagree with my friend on that point. I think it was absolutely possible for them to change the past, as shown pretty explicitly by the fact that…well, Pete changed the past. He sabotaged the Cornerstone in Timeless River, which weakened the Cornerstone’s powers in modern-day Disney Castle, which in turn allowed Maleficent to infest the castle with Heartless and her trademark thorns.

The one bit of wiggle room here, which I think my friend was probably pouncing upon, is that Young Xehanort specifically says that when you use his method of time travel, you can’t change “fated” history, and it’s never explained just how much of history is “fated.” Is it…everything? Or is it just specific landmark events? If it’s the latter, then maybe Timeless River just didn’t happen to be one of those landmarks, meaning that anyone could have theoretically changed it, even Xehanort.

But, yeah, I really think the implication is simply that Merlin’s time travel and Xehanort’s work differently — because Merlin’s a bit of a specially gifted “time mage,” as it were.

Anonymous said: 1 Additionally, it appears as though Sora and Riku were able to time travel back to the destiny islands without giving up their bodies. By my count, that's three separate methods of time travel. The Merlin portrayed in The Once and Future King stories, which is what I think the animated film is based on, is said to perceive time as if it's flowing in reverse. It's not a huge leap in logic to assume KH has given him some exclusive "time privileges" that alow him to bend the rules to his will.

Yep, this is what my friend was referring to when he said that Merlin has a special relationship with time. Even in the Disney movie, Merlin’s portrayed as being able to see the future, specifically predicting the precise moment of his first meeting with Wart, among other things, before it ever actually happens.

People, I think, generally tend to accept Merlin’s half of the Timeless River situation pretty easily. It’s Pete’s half that gives folks pause, and it’s Pete’s half that lacks any particularly real, identifiable sort of explanation.

Anonymous said: I don't have a problem with the tone of Timeless River, it was really well executed. On the other hand, we now have two apparently completely different forms of time travel that have completely different rules. It seems like it's at least worth explaining why Xehanort used the method he did rather than one that appears to have far fewer restrictions to it.

Honestly I think it can easily just be chalked up to Xehanort not having the ability to. Pete made that door appear with no explanation but Merlin has a kind of special relationship with time that makes it logic why he’d have the power to open a door to the past. That’s part of the reason Yensid called in Merlin’s help when he need a more “temporarily flexible” world to speed up Lea’s training.

Though it’s probably good to keep in mind we don’t actually know if that time travel had fewer restrictions. I mean ff you look at it one can easily make the case that they followed the same rules. The only thing it clearly breaks is not giving up your body but Xehanort already broke them himself proving loopholes and work arounds for that part exist. 


Honestly, I consider the lack of a real explanation kind of an extension of the whole tone thing. The whole thing about Timeless River is that it was free from rules and lengthy exposition dumps and all that sort of thing. It was just its own thing, fundamentally divorced from anything that would ever come back or anything the original characters of the series would ever be able to use on their own.

I feel like Xehanort, given that he isn’t precisely a Disney character per se, and especially given that he’s not one as inherently goofy and cartoon-y as Pete, is simply implicitly understood not to have access to the same sort of goofy, cartoon-y power.

Anonymous said: I recently realized that time travel isn't a new concept in the Kingdom Hearts series. Timeless River in KH2 was Disney Castle/Disney Town in the past, but we didn't have to abide by the restrictions that Young Xehanort had in DDD. I guess Merlin and Yen Sid, being powerful sorcerers, have a different way of time travel than Xehanort does. Also, how was it that Pete, of all people, was able to conjure a door to Timeless River (at least as far as you can assume)?

Well, there’s really never been a concrete reason pinned down officially, and…honestly, in this case, I feel like that’s kind of the point. The whole Timeless River segment was really just the game throwing up its hands and saying, “You know what? We’re not gonna belabor this. We’re not gonna…be super serious. We’re just going to take our silliest, cartooniest characters, and we’re going to do something silly and cartoony with them. Maybe it won’t make a lot of sense in the grander scheme of the series, but to heck with it. It’s going to be fun and creative and memorable, and that’s going to make it all worthwhile.”

Of course, not everyone agrees with that general sentiment. Even some of us here kind of resent the world for being so out of sync with the rest of the series, and there’s legitimacy in that complaint. Personally, though, I dig it. I actually wish we had more bits that were just silly and tongue-in-cheek and fun for the sake of fun.

Anonymous said: I took the ending to KH1 as the worlds being put back together, as well as all the people from those islands reappearing there. And Destiny Islands just happened to recreate itself near Sora.

That’s one of the commonly proposed theories, and it’s a reasonably logical one, too, but it’s never actually acknowledged or confirmed in canon.

The other big theory is that their bond simply brought them together, casting the fact that the islands just so happened to reappear right there not as a coincidence but as a cosmic act of love. And, personally, I’m kind of more inclined to go with that one, but, again, the games themselves don’t offer an explanation.

The whole thing is pretty much up for interpretation, but whatever stance you take, I think the bottom line is that it happened so that the game could end with the appropriately sappy farewell.

Anonymous said: Why did Kairi appear at the end of KH1?

Because the story works better when she and Sora get a suitably teary face-to-face good-bye. If she had just gone straight to the islands from Traverse Town, players probably would have felt cheated, emotionally.

Sadly, there’s never been a storyline justification for her appearance. She just kind of appears because…because.

Anonymous said: What did Xemnas do when he walked through Sora in KH1? Was he checking his memories like Marluxia did? I figured he must have since all those words showed up.

The visual effect is definitely similar, so that’s probably a pretty reasonable inference. Unfortunately, the story refers back to that moment and never assigns it any concrete meaning, so there’s nothing we can say for sure.

People sometimes speculate that he was sampling Sora’s memories specifically for the purpose of creating Xion, but the story of Days itself proves that theory wrong. Xion absorbed Sora’s memories slowly, over time, through Roxas, and it was a process Xemnas didn’t actually intend. It was mostly a happy accident.

Anonymous said: Regarding the 7 vs 13 fight in KH3, do you thinks it's possible, or a good idea, that we fight multiples at once as though showing the overall conflict. Say playing as Sora fighting Xemnas and Braig at the same time. Do that fight then play Riku fighting Ansem SoD and another one. But they're happening at the same time. Someone would maybe have 3? I think that would be fun. Like Cloud and Leon at the same time but with real foes and plot relevance.

I’d have no problem with that. Having the other fights going on in the background while you control a character would be pretty cool too.


Sure, that could be cool. I’ve certainly got nothing against the idea.

Ever since Kingdom Hearts II came out, I’ve often pondered what it would have been like if the Organization came at us more than one-on-one. It’d be neat to see how two or three members might fight along side each other with their powers blending and mixing and working together and all that.

Anonymous said: Please tell me the pin won't be the only Limited Edition we get. What're your thoughts? I'm incredibly disappointed, to the point of an all around mood crush.

As far as they’ve announced, yeah, the pin really is all there is.

And, personally, I’m…completely okay with that. I mean, I can’t in good conscience look a gift horse in the mouth. If they want to give me a free bonus for buying the game that I was already going to buy anyway, then…cool, that’s really nice of them. I couldn’t possibly be picky about what that bonus actually happens to be.


Compared to the really cool art book that also functions as the game case we got last time yeah I’d say I am quite a bit disappointed at the bonus this time.

Anonymous said: Sorry if this comes iff as inapprparte, but Do you think there's some entitlement in the fandom? Especially with the limited edition?

Oh, absolutely. Entitlement in the gaming community is a hot-button topic these days, and, absolutely, it really is a huge and sometimes even overwhelming phenomenon.

With that said, though, I don’t think it’s…necessarily always a bad thing. I think, to a large extent, it’s kind of natural. Almost inevitable, even, because of the particular niche that gaming fills for a lot of us.

Because, I mean, as human beings, we tend to settle for an awful lot in our lives, don’t we? There’s a lot of “making do” and “getting by” and never really being fully happy but just being happy enough. So much of life on this Earth is about doing work we don’t want to do and learning to live with disappointments we don’t deserve. But gaming is different. Gaming is fun. Gaming is light. Gaming is empowering. Gaming is one arena where we tend to feel like we don’t have to settle, an arena where we can be more and get more and do more than we do in our everyday lives. And, so, because of that, it tends to be especially painful for us when this fun, happy, freeing hobby of ours…becomes one more avenue for disappointment.

It’s so frustrating to know that there’s a better experience out there than the one you’re having, to know that someone else in the world has a better version of your game or a more complete version of your bundle or some kind of happiness that you have to come to terms with not getting for yourself.

That can hurt.

And that’s fine.

But our task as reasonable human beings is to make sure that that pain doesn’t poison our hearts — to make sure it doesn’t make us hostile or hateful or uncivil or cold. Entitlement is, to at least some extent, understandable. But that doesn’t make cruelty excusable.

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