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Dream Drop Distance: Ultimania Scenario Mysteries Interview.

KH3D Ultimania scenario mysteries
Translated by Olivia/SQEXGAL and Goldpanner.

The storyline ends with Sora and co. preparing to fight against Xehanort and his cohorts. Before the final battle takes place, we will question Nomura about the storyline of KH3D.

  • Is the first cutscene we see in KH3D a flashback to 10 years before the first Kingdom Hearts when Xehanort and co. lost their hearts in an experiment?

That’s right. That’s because in a sense it was the beginning of the story of this title.

  • The Robed Figure—a Heartless born from that experiment—says “This world has been connected”. While in KH1 that meant the Islands were connected to the darkness, in this title does it signify that Xehanort and company have connected to the Sleeping Worlds?

It means both of those things. In that scene, the Robed Figure became a “Portal” himself as a result of contact with Sora’s group, making it possible for the other Xehanorts to intervene within the dreams.

  • Why did Xehanort’s group word things as if they were trying to wake up Ventus who is inside of Sora?

They did so in order to tempt Sora’s heart and have it fall to the darkness. In the story it also talks about how abandoning the self leads to losing the heart. When you see Vanitas (the dark half of Ventus who appeared in KHBBS) overlay Young Xehanort for a moment, that represents Ventus’s heart reacting inside Sora.

  • In the latter half of The World That Never Was, despite returning to the real world, why do Sora and Riku stay in their younger forms, and why do Dream Eaters appear etc?

Sora and Riku’s form is due to Yen Sid’s magic, so the way it works is that they can’t turn back until they return to the Mysterious Tower. And Dream Eaters were appearing because Sora was still asleep. Also, ever since Organization XIII was defeated in KH2, The World That Never Was’s existence as a world became uncertain. In the first place, the worlds in the void between darkness and light have different rules than other worlds. The Mysterious Tower isn’t always standing in a fixed place, for example, and Traverse Town reforms its shape every time, which is why the version that appears in this title is clearly different than the version in KH1.

  • Did King Mickey’s time magic not work properly on Young Xehanort because Young Xehanort has the power to control time?

Not Young Xehanort’s but rather Master Xehanort’s power. King Mickey was surprised at the time, seeing his Keyblade and noticing he harboured the power of Master Xehanort. That Keyblade was designed as the one Master Xehanort used in KHBBS combined with an hourglass, you see.

  • Were the 13 Seekers of Darkness, who were meant to be in different times, gathered by transcending time with magic?

Just as it says in the story, to transcend time one must “first” discard their body. As a result of the actions of the Robed Figure, they all were in a state where they had gained the power to transcend time. The Robed Figure explains these facts. The thirteen were summoned at the same time, this time thanks to the Young Xehanort who borrowed that power. However, apart from Young Xehanort, that does not mean that all the members left their own time.

  • In other words, Ansem and Xemnas were simultaneously existing in the time-space of KH3D as well as their newly recompleted human form after being destroyed?

Yes, it does turn out that way. However, as I said before, The World That Never Was—where the thirteen all met—is a special space. The mechanics behind how they were all able to exist at the same time is a mystery. From KH1 on, Ansem has returned no matter how many times he has been defeated, perhaps the same sort of thing happened.

  • Lea said the same lines, “Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs” and “I’ll always be there to bring you back” to Xion in KHDays when he brought her back. Does he remember that?

The nature of the being known as Xion and all memories to do with her were erased, but he would remember other things.

  • Why did Lea visit Disney Castle when he should have been looking for his friends?

To search for his friends he needed the power to move between worlds, and there is no way to do that other than to become a Keyblade wielder. While wanting to be made a Keyblade wielder, Lea saw a message from the past recorded by Ansem the Wise and, knowing it was dangerous, used the Corridors of Darkness once more to go talk with King Mickey and the others. That’s why after Maleficent left he was questioned at the Mysterious Tower.

  • So, in “The King Departs” when Yen Sid said, “But Merlin and the three good fairies are aiding him in a place that’s more…temporally flexible”…

Upon request, those who can manipulate time—Merlin and the three fairies who appeared in KH2—changed the flow of time in a special place, and there Lea received hastened training in order to be able to use the Keyblade, basically. In the original scenario, we had planned to have Lea able to use the Keyblade when he ran to Sora.

  • Ansem the Wise is an old acquaintance of Riku’s, why did he ask him his name in the end?

That’s what you could call a “wisecrack”. (Laughs.) He’s purposefully asking the same thing as he did in KH2 to a Riku who had changed into Ansem’s form.

  • While at that time Riku lied and said his name was Ansem, this time he replies with a bright “Riku”, doesn’t he?

Yes, because the main part of the plot in this title is Riku’s growth. The point that unlike before he can declare ‘I am me’ is intended to show that growth symbolically.

  • It was declared from Ansem the Wise’s own mouth that everything can grow a heart.

Yes it was, I thought I’d leave it clear in this title.

  • Were the members of Organization XIII that grew hearts unsuitable as vessels for Xehanort?

That’s not necessarily the case, however the details are a secret.

  • Xigbar and Saïx appeared as members of Organization XIII. Did they return as humans like Lea and the others?

The conditions of becoming a human have been met, so you’d think they had returned, wouldn’t you? For them to have been with Xehanort and the others, perhaps they were collected after they had become humans and before Lea and the others woke up. You could say the same for the members of Organization XIII that didn’t appear in this title, however… I’d rather everyone use their imaginations.

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