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Nomura Interviews: KH1

(According to a helpful anon this was an information bubble within the Kingdom Hearts 1 Ultimania not bunched in directly with the rest of the interviews. ( Still looking for the original translator rather than a proxy so message us if you know/have it.)

1) Mysterious Voice

It’s the King calling to Sora here. In the Dive To Heart, the King guides Sora through his dream, explaining the intentions of the adventure.

When Sora acquires the Keyblade for the first time after this (p.95) and just before passing through the last door of The End of The World (p.139), Sora hears a voice reverberate in him that sounds like the King’s. It seems so that those around him understand without hearing, the King speaks to Sora’s heart directly


Thank you to the Anons who kindly informed us of the original original source of these interviews. They are by far the hardest ones to find due to being so old so having a bunch of people send us different links and names to search by sped up this effort tremendously.

Now for some news. Now that we know what the original original source for these interviews it was unethical to keep them so we removed them. The translator has requested not to post their translations anywhere else and instead link back to them directly. So we shall respect their will and do just that, here are the links to all the interviews there were stored here.

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